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Many professional Black women are hiding behind their degrees, titles, and well-paying jobs because they were not taught how to manage their money. They are financially responsible for themselves and their loved ones, but they were never properly trained for the job of being in charge.

We take the guesswork out of money management by outlining exactly what women need to do, when it needs to get done, and how – so they can get back to their busy lives. Plus we make sure they have fun while doing it!

Thank Me later presents

Know Your Worth: A Jewelry & Fur Appraisal Experience

Saturday, April 20, 2024 at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, GA.

When you know the value of something, you take care of it.

Why aren’t you applying that same energy to your jewelry and furs?

Don’t wait until “life” happens – like losing them in a fire, robbery, or while on vacation in Jamaica – to wish you protected your prized possessions.

Once you know the value of what you own, you can safeguard it properly and ensure you have a plan for who should inherit it. 


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Here's Why You'll Thank Us Later...

We’re unlike any other platform that teaches about money. What makes us different is that we help you navigate the financial topics that other people don’t. 

No shade to those who teach about credit or debt – you absolutely need a good grasp on these financial fundamentals.

We know that you are experiencing massive problems and don't have anywhere to go. Through our educational content, intentional products and supportive community, we will help you navigate whatever curveballs that life throws your way.

Real Life Topics That We Help You With

  • A loved one passes away without a will

  • Retirement seems out of reach because you can’t save enough

  • Your young adult asks you to cosign on their student loans or apartment

  • You’re afraid of blowing a lump sum of money that you inherited

  • Your bookkeeping process can't keep up with your thriving business

Our Solutions

We offer true solutions that solve real problems and transform the way Black women approach their finances.

This is how you leave your legacy!

Black Women Will

Through Black Women Will, we are on a mission to help 100K Black families complete their estate plan through our signature event, educational programming and scholarships. By creating opportunities for Black women to complete their wills, we will assist in transferring $30B+ worth of assets!

It's time to end parent payroll!

Take Care Of Your Damn Self

Take Care Of Your Damn Self is the curriculum you wish you had when you graduated from high school. We cover topics such as taxes, credit, insurance and much more in this go-to guide to help you and your adult children become financially independent. Learn how to end parent payroll once and for all!

Word On The Street...

  • “Thank you so much for the information ladies! I spoke with you all at the mini career coaching session, and you all told me to shoot my shot at work. I did and I got the POSITION & a 63% increase. Now, I need to work smarter and not harder. I appreciate this avenue of money talk so so much!”

    -Dionna, Sales Manager

  • “I'm so grateful for Black Women Will allowing Black women, like myself, to feel empowered and to leave legacies to our families. I am 7 months pregnant and so excited to be taking care of my affairs for my daughter!”

    - Jessica, Marketing Professional

  • “The Take Care Of Your Damn Self Motherhood Meetup was fabulous! I’m already thinking of people that would value coming. Thank you so much for today! Looking forward to an exponential year!”

    - Kim, Nonprofit Executive & Mother 

Our gift to you…

Our company’s fearless leader, Jini Thornton, is a CPA to the stars! Her roots in the entertainment industry inspired us to leverage the power of music to motivate your money moves. 

Vibe out to our Spotify playlists during your weekly money meetings – it’ll change your relationship with your finances.