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Thank Me Later - Couple's Money Guide (Digital Product)

There's a business side of a relationship that we don't talk about enough!! 

The Thank Me Later Couple's Money Guide is a quiz-styled digital product to help you assess your own money habits and how you handle money in you own household.

Whether you're are married, in a relationship or even if you're single waiting to be with your boo, this tool will help you strategize the best way to have healthy conversations with your partner (or future boo) about finances. 

  • Two Financial Self Assessments For You & Your Partner
  • Discussion Questions For The Financial Self Assessment
  • Next Steps
  • Financial Tips For Couples:
    • Common $$ Mistakes Made By Couples
    • Reasons Why Couples Fight About $$
    • What To Do If You’re Already Fighting About $$


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Thank Me Later - Couple's Money Guide (Digital Product)