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"99 Tips To Never Go Broke" Book

Is your money always tight and NEVER right? 
Are you tired of always being BROKE? 
Well, it's time to break the cycle!

Jini Thornton, CPA, compiles her 27+ years of experience as a business manager in the entertainment industry and financial expert in media into this short and powerful book to help you navigate your most common financial questions for topics such as: 

  • Taxes
  • Saving Money
  • Credit
  • Home Buying
  • Student Loans 
  • Credit Card Debt  
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • & much more! 

Following Jini’s straightforward advice, - ANYONE can learn how to handle their finances and to never go broke! Grab your copy to get started today! 

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"99 Tips To Never Go Broke" Book